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    Dercum's Disease, otherwise known as Adiposis Dolorosa, is a debilitating disease that - despite having been discovered over 100 years ago - is still essentially unknown to the medical community. You gain weight disproportionately, but you can't explain why. You feel tired, you ache constantly, yet nothing seems to relieve your pain and exhaustion. You seem susceptible to infection, you bruise easily. And yet despite all of this, after being subjected to a wide array of tests, your doctors can't seem to explain why you have this strange myriad of symptoms. You're told to exercise, but nothing helps. Your diet doesn't seem to affect your size. And that pain, it just won't go away.
    This disease causes dramatic increases in fat in very specific areas of the body, and if left untreated, can cause early pulmonary failure. Treatment would be readily available to the potentially millions of women and men who suffer from this disease, if only doctors knew about it, how to diagnose it, and how to treat it.
    The Dercum Society is dedicated to raising awareness of this very serious condition and educating both the public and the medical community about its pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment. We encourage everyone to browse through our website and learn as much as possible about Dercum's Disease. Through education we can provide hope to the thousands, maybe even millions, of people around the world who are suffering every day without knowing the true cause of their pain.
    Please follow the links to your left to learn more.

    The Dercum Society is a free, non-profit website service created by Dercums patients for the purpose of helping to promote awareness of Adioposis Dolorosa among the general public and medical professionals. We apologize for the sometimes long delay between updates - please be aware that the individuals who work on this website are also dealing with the day-to-day realities of living with Dercum's Disease. We will constantly do our best to keep this website up to date and provide you with the most accurate information possible.

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